hooked glued carbon steel

Hooked Glued Carbon Steel Fiber

Building and construction material hooked glued carbon steel fibers

Hooked Glued Carbon Steel Fiber Building And Construction Material Concrete Fibers available in Europe, USA, UAE & Canada at a very good price. contact us  now

Product Description

Hooked glued carbon steel fiber  Building and construction material concrete fibers

In the concrete mixture, add right amount steel fiber can be mixed into a kind of special jetting as well as casting concrete, namely steel fiber reinforced concrete.

  Compared with general concrete, steel fiber concrete has great improvement in tensile strength, flexural strength, abrasion resistance, impact resistance, fatigue resistance, toughness,crack resistance and antiknock performance.
   Because large number of very minute steel fiber is evenly dispersed in the concrete and has a large contact area with concrete, therefore, concrete strength is improved in all.
Technical Parameter


Product Name Steel Fiber
Color Nature/Black
Length(MM) 25MM-60MM
Equivalent Diameter(mm) 0.3-1.0
Tensile Strength(MPa) ≥600
L/D ratio 30-80
Shape hooked ends, wavy,flat ends, straight,

rows of steel

hooked glued carbon steel fiber building
hooked glued carbon steel fiber building



 (1) greatly improve concrete bonding and tensile strength


(2) improve mechanical performance concrete

(3) prevent the damage to the concrete

(4) decrease the danger from crack of the concrete

(5) provide exceptional load stability and durability




(1)very suitable for high temperature firebrick

(2)high intensity

(3)high anti-bending

(4)high solid riveting force


(6)good comprehensive effect

hooked glued carbon steel
hooked glued carbon steel

The projects blending the ripple steel fiber with concrete in a certain ratio will evidently strengthen bending resistance, stretching resistance, abrasion resistance and pressure resistance.


It is widely used in highway, bridge, tunnel, airport runway, industrial floor, hydraulic project and basic structure construction of tall building, as well as shock resistance structure and high temperature kiln stove construction.

Buy hooked glued carbon steel fiber building
Buy hooked glued carbon steel fiber building
Our concrete fibers have been exported to more than 30 nations and regions, such as Southeast Asia, Australia, North America, Europe, Middle East and Africa–
– Steel Fiber
– Polypropylene macro fiber
– Polypropylene mesh fiber
– Polypropylene twist bundle fiber
– Polyvinyl alcohol PVA fiber
– Copper coated micro steel fiber


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