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Buy Fresh Fertile Hatching Ostrich Eggs

Buy Fresh Fertile Hatching Ostrich Eggs, Ostrich eggs are the largest of all eggs. They weigh around 3.1lb (1.4kg) but might slightly vary depending on each subspecies and around 6in (15cm) tall. Eggs can be used for hatching to grow your own chicks and adult ostriches or when are not suitable for hatching can be used for cooking. An ostrich egg is as big as around twenty hens eggs so you can have a rich meal with your friends and family. Ostrich eggs can be served boiled hard or scrambled or whatever you like it as any regular chicken egg.

Bear in mind that it might taste more buttery and it might also be more textured but you will get used to it. Studies show that ostrich eggs are much lower in cholesterol than chicken eggs and that they are a healthier choice over their hen counterpart.

Before getting to cook an ostrich egg you have to remember their size and that you cook around twenty chicken eggs so you better call your family and friends for a healthy dinner. Be sure to start cooking them at least a couple of hours before if you want to eat them boiled as it might take up to two hours to hard boil an ostrich egg. After all this wait makes sure to put it under cold water not to overcook itself as it retains a lot of heat.

ostrich fresh eggs

Hollow Eggs

The eggshell is hard, as hard as a China porcelain so be prepared to work harder than usual with a chicken egg. Hardshell is not a problem for artists as once blown, the empty eggs can be used for painting and decorating. Our farm can provide blown eggs for artists. We clean them and get them ready to become an art. Decorated eggs are in high demand before the Easter holidays so please make sure to get yours once they are in stock.

ostrich hollow eggs

Fertile Eggs for Hatching

Fertile eggs provide a good opportunity to grow your own ostrich chicks. Buy from our farm healthy fertile eggs and hatch them on your own or in our special incubators and enjoy your first chicks after 35-45 days. We thoroughly check all the eggs before incubation and provide best conditions to reach a very high hatching percentage.

ostrich fertile egg for hatching

One Day Chicks

One day chicks are the most sensitive as they need 3-4 hours to dry in the brooder after they hatched. After they dried sufficiently they will be separated from the rest of the egg and put in a pen. All this time they are very sensitive and we do not recommend moving them around or transportation from our farm. We recommend allowing them a few days to get some strength and after that to be moved to your place.

one day chicks

Young Chicks

Our farm is a supplier of young chicks during the hatching period, between April and September. After hatching we allow around eight weeks for the young chicks to stay indoors to protect them but after this period they will be gradually left outside to accommodate with climate. This a special process here in the UK due to the colder weather and more humidity but young chicks are able to accommodate well. Buy Fresh Fertile Hatching Ostrich Eggs

young ostrich chicks

Young Adults

Young adults are considered chicks after one year of life. At this time they can stay only outside as they should have accommodated with climate and environment.

young ostrich adults

Ostrich Adults

Fertile families are considered young adults that are between two and three years old. Usually, females become mature six months earlier than males. Fertile families are usually bought by farmers looking to establish new farms or looking to expand their existing ones. Our ostriches receive the best conditions to grow healthy and vigorous.

ostrich fertile family

Ostrich Meat

Ostrich meat is lower in cholesterol than other types of meat and is usually recommended in diets by dietitians. We provide fresh meat from our farm for healthy diets for you and your family. Ostrich meat can be used as any regular red meat but with the advantage that is healthier than other red meat.

ostrich red meat

Ostrich Leather

He leather is considered to be an exotic type of leather being mainly supplied from Africa. This type of leather is recognized for its specific texture and that needs an expensive process to be made aesthetic. Popular brands like Mulberry and Burberry use this exotic leather to produce some of the most beautiful handbags. Other producers choose to use it for fine furniture like Trend design at home or used to make different types of hats and cowboy boots.

ostrich leather with texture


Ostrich feathers are used from World War I to decorate solders’ hats and lately become popular accessories. They are considered to be the most full bodied feathers and are very popular in luxurious dusters. You can find the biggest collection of ostrich feathers during the carnival in Rio de Janeiro.

ostrich feathers


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